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Summer Learning Program FAQ for Staff

Staff FAQ Answers From HR

When does this program start for students? 

 June 5, 2023 - June 28,2023

How long will I have to apply for the summer programs?

Some of the positions have a variety of deadline dates depending on various needs within the department. For example, if a school only needs one employee that decision may be made earlier in the process. Currently, most positions are scheduled to close by May 19, 2023 unless we don’t have enough applicants to fulfill the student enrollment count for various programs. 

I want to apply for multiple positions. Do I have to fill out a separate application for each one?

Yes! However the goal will be for you to apply for positions that align to  your current role and for areas of certifications. Remember to include a short description of your qualifications for the job or upload a resume if you wish to do so. Administrators will be reviewing licensure, if needed for the  positions, or further training/experience. 

What is the salary for summer learning?

Salaries have been noted on each job position. However, if you are a certified staff member under the NEA agreement, you will be paid your daily rate. If you are a classified employee, you will be paid your hourly rate. 

Will substitute teachers be hired during the summer program?

Yes, there will be an option for teachers or staff who do not want to work the full four weeks, to support staff who may need a substitute in their position. Substitutes will not receive the bonus incentive. 

Will stipends be offered for summer learning? What will the stipends include? 

Yes. The stipend will include an attendance incentive based on the 18 days of attendance. The only exception to the attendance incentive is if an employee has a bereavement leave which will follow the KCKPS Board policy GARH-Bereavement Leave. 

What are the attendance expectations for staff during summer learning?  

There are 18 work days during the extended summer learning programs. This includes three days for professional development/training by each department on May 25, 26 and 30. Work schedule includes Monday - Thursdays, June 5 - June 29.  June 29 is the last duty day to report without children in session. Juneteenth will be given as a holiday with pay.

What is the difference between certified and classified staff?

Certified staff consists of staff that hold a certificate in a specialized area proving they have obtained the necessary credentials and knowledge for the position. For further clarification, refer to KCKPS certified staff job titles as included under the NEA’s current agreement. 

Classified staff consists of school employees that do not need a certification or licensure to be qualified for the job. (this is not totally true as bus drivers must be certified in CDL.)

Will staff get training on the summer resources and what does Professional Development look like?

Yes, training will take place May 25th - May 30th

KCKPS Summer School PD 2023 - DRAFT

When will summer instructional resources be available?

 Curriculum Overviews are available now on the Summer Learning Program webpage.  Additional details will be provided in the Summer Learning Program Curriculum Information 22-23 document as they become available so please check back frequently.

Can any certified teacher teach the classes or do you have to be certified in Math or English?

Teachers should teach in the content in which they are certified for the secondary level.

Will I be able to utilize vacation days if I work during the summer program? 

The goal will be for all staff to work all 18 days (3 days of PD) for consistency in our Summer Learning Program. Therefore, the preference will be that vacation time be utilized prior to or after the Summer Learning Program, as staff will not receive the incentive/bonus if vacation is taken during this time. 

What exact summer school subjects are being offered and grade levels? 

Please access the Curriculum Overviews on the Summer Learning Program webpage.

Is there a maximum number of students in a class?

The upcoming years FTE model will be utilized to determine the number of instructional staff.

Do I have the option to divide my time with another peer during the summer program?

Consistency is critical for student success. The goal is for all staff who sign up to work the summer program, is that they are committed to working the entire 18 days.

How will devices be distributed for students who attend the Summer Learning Program?

Please reference this document for more information on the end-of-year procedures for building technology.

All students attending summer school will keep their device for the Summer Learning Program.

Students who have iPads DO NOT need to erase iPads.

All students need to return devices by the last day of the Summer Learning Program. iPads will need to be updated and erased.

I have a district required PD to attend during the Summer Learning Program. Will I still be eligible to receive the summer incentive?

Yes, staff will still be eligible to receive the summer incentive if they attend a district required PD. An example of a district required PD is Avid Training. However, the summer incentive may not be offered for staff attending PD that may be building initiated or self initiated.

What curriculum is being utilized for elementary, middle and high school? 

Please access the Curriculum Overviews on the Summer Learning Program webpage.  Additional details will be provided in the Summer Learning Program Curriculum Information 22-23 document as they become available.

Will ESOL/Migrant have a program specific to ESOL?

Students who are in the ESOL or Migrant Program will be participating in the district summer school programs. The district will be hiring ESOL personnel for each summer school site. Students in the Migrant Program will have extended summer opportunities in addition to summer school provided by the Migrant Advocates. 

Will I get to teach the students that were previously enrolled in my classroom?

As buildings merge for the summer program, the goal is for teachers to have the opportunity to support the learning of some of their current students, along with students that are coming from other buildings in those same grade levels. However this is not a guaranteed

Will students be provided a pre and post assessment?

Pre and post assessment data will be reported for all students and will be embedded within the summer school curriculum.

If my own children do not attend the school district during the school year, can they attend the Summer Learning Program? 

This opportunity is not available at this time; however, the district is exploring this option for future summer school programs. 

Will we still adhere to district guidelines around mask mandates and social distancing? 

We will adhere to board policies and guidelines. 

Will there be KidZone services offered? What sites?

Yes, there will be KidZone before & after school services offered during summer programming. The locations will be Silver City and West Park Elementary schools. Parents drop their student(s) off at one of the two KidZone locations and district transportation will take students to their summer school location before the start of breakfast and back to the KidZone site after school for parent pickup. (feeder schools listed here)

As a summer learning staff  member, if my own student does not attend the school district during the school year, can they attend the KidZone program if there is room? 

KidZone services are school-based and are only offered for USD500 before and after school students. Therefore, we would only be able to accept students enrolled in a USD500 Summer Learning Program.  

What are the school locations for the summer program? 

Summer Learning Program sites can be found on the Summer Learning Program webpage.